User Friendly

The User Interface of Joomla credits to its popularity. Joomla is blessed with flexible, powerful and polished UI, which makes easy for the new publishers also to publish the content easily.


Extension variability

Joomla offers thousands of extensions to the users for improving the site content. It includes plugins, components, modules, templates, and languages. However, each of these modules differs in power, functionalities and capabilities.


Strong developer community

Joomla enjoys the advantage of having a stronger developer community, which continuously launches free of cost open source plugins and extensions.

Joomla is an ideal choice over WordPress despite of missing the hosting facility. Despite lacking a good fan following like its competitor WordPress, Joomla enjoys a great reputation among some big names such as and eBay, both of which are using Joomla as their preferred CMS from years.

Why should I Migrate to Joomla ?

Free to Use

Joomla is available for free to all users. There are basic functions of this system which can be used for free and understanding is obtained about the working of advanced systems. With these free systems anyone is able to gain access to the benefits. There are some advanced items in Joomla which are available on payment of discounted prices.

Ease of Use and Time Saving

Joomla is easy to be used due to its advanced technology. It is time saving when you are using this system for adding more contents. You can edit your contents and also manage them for making them friendly for the search engines. You can hire professionals for the management of your site and they will need less time as compared with other networks for updating and making your site as per requirements.


Many hosts don’t want older software scripts (Joomla is a script - all third-party extensions are scripts) running on their servers because security is compromised as software ages. They have to update their servers to remain secure. More and more older versions of Joomla cease functioning because of server upgrades on the part of the host.

Whats new with Joomla 3 ?

The most noticeable difference is the totally revamped administrator, which is updated to a modern design with many simpler and more friendly user-interfaces. Also, starting with Joomla! 3.0, Joomla! is now device responsive. Simply, Joomla! is mobile friendly and can be used with any modern device. In addition, there are dozens of improvements to the details of all of the Joomla core.

Joomla captures 13% of the CMS market !


Some sites we successfully migrated from Other CMS or plain HTML sites to Joomla3 are listed below. Though number of sites migrated is huge, we have some just few of recent ones.

Joomla3 migration involves core, template and extensions all !

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